In collaboration with Ali Bianchi, Hope Lies at 24 Frames is pleased to announce that Film Clash, the Podcast, is live! Its been in the works for some time now, so its great to finally get it out there.

The premise is simple; Ali tends to like films that I don’t, so we’ve always had heated conversations about, so we thought we’d attempt to capture that in audible form. Each week we’ll be tackling one theatrical release. This week its Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. We’ll also be discussing one of the weeks big news stories, and rounding up the DVD and Theatrical releases of the seven days to come. Each week we’ll be setting each other a challenge too, to watch a film that the other loves. With this being the first week we’ve decided to aim high and set the “challenge” of watching each others favourite films.

I’ve attempted to embed the podcast below, but for whatever reason it hasn’t done so properly, so simply click on the link to be taken to an in-browser player for now. Alternatively check out the homepage for FilmClash over at PodBean, where you’ll also be able to download the show (click here for that). Obviously we’ll be on iTunes eventually, but these things take time We are now on iTunes!


Anyway, I hope that you enjoy Film Clash, and we’d love to receive any feedback. Oh, and please excuse some of the ropey-ness of it all, this is our first shot!