The Wednesday Debate

The Wednesday Debate – The London Film Festival 2011

This weeks Wednesday debate is simple really. Following the announcement of the programme for this years London Film Festival earlier today, what are you most looking forward to?

The organisers of the London Film Festival through a bit of a curveball with their announcements that two, somewhat under the radar, Rachel Weisz films would be opening and closing this years festival. Fernando Meirelles’ 360, an ensemble take on the same source material as Max Ophuls’ La Ronde and places Weisz alongside the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law and Eminem came out of nowhere to take the spot many had predicted would go to new films by Scorsese, Cronenberg or Polanski. Almost as surprising was the announcement of Terrence Davies’ The Deep Blue Sea as the closing night film, although the precedent set by that particular filmmakers presence at the festival in the past somewhat makes that a more predictable choice for closing film.

“Two” does indeed seem to be the magic number this year, with a pair of Clooney’s, a couple of Fassbender’s and even a double helping of John C. Reilly joining the one-two hit of Rachel Weisz.

The entire programme is up on the LFF’s website right now, so head on over, have a browse and head back here to let us know your favourites in the comment section below.


So, what are you most looking forward to? Anything you feel is unduly missing? Fire away in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Debate – The London Film Festival 2011

  1. Shame stands out for me, as does The Kid With A Bike, The Artist, Rampart (I’m a sucker for Woody Harrelson – think he’s hugely underrated) and Dreams of a Life.

    Disappointed not to see the new Abel Ferrara film in there, but I suspect it, like much of his output in the last 15-odd years, is hopelessly self-indulgent. Willem Dafoe is always worth a worth though.

    I have my fingers crossed for Killer Joe (William Friedkin’s newie) as the Surprise Film, although I have a sinking feeling it will be The Iron Lady, which I have zero interest in seeing.

    I do hope they sort out Leicester Square before it all kicks off, yesterday morning was a tight squeeze.

    Enjoy reading your blog, btw, though this is my first comment!


    • Welcome to the site Ash, and thanks for the comment!

      My secret film prediction is going to Twixt, edited live on-stage by Coppola himself, although I would love to see Killer Joe make an appearance too. Martin Scorsese’s Hugo was notable by its absence too.

      The Artist tops my list of must sees too, although I’m keen to see everything in the French Revolution strand!

  2. Lot of the obvious picks, Shame and The Artist in particular.

    But what I love with the LFF every year is all the films I discover flicking through the programme, that I knew nothing about yet I am now dying to see: La Fee, Tales of the night, The Awakening, Bernie, Nobody else but you, Let the bullets fly…

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