One title dominates this weeks home video releases, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only great film out this week. In fact, it’s surprising just how many amazing titles have been released in the week when attention is no doubt set to Star Wars.

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Disc Of The Week

The Star Wars Saga

George Lucas’s Star Wars Saga make their way to HD, with a release that has brought with it the usual Lucas controversy and misplaced outrage. Yes, Lucas has further manipulated his films, and no, the original, Original Trilogy is nowhere to be seen, but such is the nature of these films that to maintain expectations on the contrary would always prove unfruitful. I’m not saying it’s right, but this is how its been with the guy for almost 15 years now.

The saga is available in two flavours; the complete, 9-disc set, containing both the Prequel and the Original Trilogies, as well as 3-discs of extra material (the collection is said to contain over 100 hours of extra matter), or for those of us that aren’t particular fond of the Prequel Trilogy (or vice-versa) the option is there to purchase the two trilogies up separately (minus any extras discs).

Sunrise (Dual-Format Reissue) 

Masters Of Cinema have decided to reissue all of their existing Blu-ray titles in new, dual-format editions. While there’s nothing new from the individual releases, what existed before was nothing short of amazing, with two versions of the movie sitting alongside a lengthy documentary on Murnau’s lost 4 Devils and a range of other features.


Wim Wenders’ collaboration-turned-tribute to the work of Pina Bausch was perhaps most notable a theatrical release due to it being the German filmmaker’s 3D debut, and while it remains to be seen whether or not the film can replicate the event-like nature of the experience on the small screen, the sheer technical brilliance of Wenders’ movie remains.


Xavier Dolan’s meditation on youth was highly lauded by our own Alexander Rowland upon theatrical release a few months ago, with the film even featuring in his top ten of the year thus far. The 22-year old Dolan, something of a prodigy, seems to have really tapped in to the nature of youth with Heartbeats. His debut feature, I Killed My Mother is also released this week.

How I Ended This Summer

The surprise winner of the Best Film award at last year’s London Film Festival might not be as impressive as some suggested, but it’s above average World cinema fare at worst.


Alex wasn’t convinced by Denis Vileneuve’s Incendies when it hit theatre’s earlier this summer, although he was in the minority in that line of thinking.

Third Star

The presence of Benedict Cumberbatch is what has garnered this films inclusion this week. With such a cast it must be at least worth a viewing…

Heavenly Creatures

The film that sold peter Jackson as a “serious” filmmaker for want of a better term, Heavenly Creatures saw a young Kate Winslet team up with Melanie Lynsky for a very real tale ground in the fantastical. Some would argue that this is Jackson’s most mature work to date (of which echoes can certainly be seen in The Lovely Bones), with its blend of the fantastical and the brutal genuinely effective.