Following on from yesterdays explanation of how the iPad-enhanced edition of Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second today we would like to reveal our latest project – The Hope Lies Monograph.

The Hope Lies Monograph is a series of books on film produced by the site. Each monograph, as the title suggests, will focus upon one film, with the content being produced from a combination of site material and exclusive writing. The books have a uniform look to them, in the same way that a boutique DVD label might catalogue their releases, and each one is numbered. The books are designed to be viewed on iPad, but are fully compatible with iPhones too, and there is also a limited version that will work on Android and Blackberry devices (and any other mobile platform) as well as PC’s, Laptops and probably even gaming consoles (it’s a PDF!).

So, we’re launching two books today, as a means of displaying the eclectic nature of the collection. The first edition is a tome on Jafar Panahi’s This Is Not A Film, the 2011 Iranian work that received a limited theatrical release earlier this year. Alongside the book on Panahi’s film is one that details a work from the opposite side of the movie-making spectrum, with The Avengers. As the film is theatrically released in the US this week now seemed as good a time as any to celebrate Joss Whedon’s film. In addition to traditional Monographs we will be producing a number of special editions throughout the year. We’ve already started work on a giant-size Superheroes special, incorporating Mike McKenny’s Superheroes series from last summer, and are working towards a career spanning look at the career of Martin Scorsese and his entire body of work in time for his 70th Birthday later this year. As many of you might be aware, Hope Lies is launching its own silent film strand later this month (Hope Lies at 16 Frames Per Second), so be prepared for a volume tying in with that too.

For now though, please take a look at the pair of books offered below. They’re free, both from a financial perspective and of advertising, and while they may be a little on the experimental side for now, we hope that with your help we can iron out any quirks or problems. We hope to get the Monographs on iTunes as soon as possible, alas the slightly Orwellian terms and conditions of Apple’s agreement aren’t particularly well suited to the Monograph model (too short apparently).

Click here for download options for the This Is Not A Film Monograph.

Click here for download options for the The Avengers Monograph.