Three Days With Alfred Hitchcock #HitchLies24

The next three days at Hope Lies at Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second are going to be a veritable Hitchcock fest! In keeping with the aforementioned Film Preservation Blogathon that we trailed a couple of days ago we’ll be launching a three-day celebration of the work of the Master Of Suspense in the next couple of hours with a piece on Shadow Of A Doubt. That will soon be followed later this evening with an examination of another of his early Hollywood features Lifeboat. Tomorrow it’s North By Northwest thats coming under scrutiny, possibly via tweet-along, before we close on Sunday with the early British double-bill of The Lady Vanishes and the first version of The Man Who Knew Too Much.

We’ll also be putting together a special Hitchcock Monograph that will be available on Sunday evening, collating all of the articles from across the weekend, and maybe an exclusive or two.

Follow us on Twitter via the #tag #HitchLies24 over the next few days for live updates. Please remember that this project is all in aid of raising money for the National Film Preservation Foundation, for further details see HERE

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4 thoughts on “Three Days With Alfred Hitchcock #HitchLies24

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