Having realised when putting together yesterday’s Editorial that we were yet to formally “launch” #HitchLies24, our ongoing exploration of the work of Alfred Hitchcock, now seems as good a time as any to outline the whole thing. 

A few months ago now we tackled a number of Alfred Hitchcock films over the course of a weekend, as a part of the Film Preservation Blogathon. So much was that project enjoyed, and in an attempt to tie-in with a general shift towards interest in the work of the Master Of Suspense we thought it worth extending over the Summer, with the ultimate aim being to cover every Hitchcock-directed movie made during the filmmakers 50 year run. 

We’re off to a solid start, having covered a number of the directors films thus far, and even published a special edition Monograph collating a couple of them. There’s more to come in that respect too, with a special Silent Hitchcock Monograph coming soon, and examinations of other aspects of the filmmaker too (There will be a piece on books on Hitch for example). We’ve launched a home page for the project here, which will be updated as the whole thing goes along. 

To further tie-in with the current Hitchcock celebration, don’t forget that we are presenting a screening of the restored The Lodger later this month in association with the Derby QUAD. More information on that can be found here