Archive releases lead the way this week, among them one of the more controversial redux’s of all time.

Disc Of The Week

The Kid With A Bike – One of our very favourite films of 2012 makes it’s way to home video. Following in a great tradition of powerful adolescent driven cinema, The Kid With A Bike is driven by a powerful performance from Thomas Doret.

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Metropolis – The Moroder Cut – How do we put this…? The 1984 recut and rescored Metropolis is an acquired taste. And whatever it is that one needs to enjoy it, well, we’ve yet to acquire it. We’re being diplomatic. 

Pasolini Double-Bill – Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint continue in their quest to cover every period of the Italian directors career. DVD Only.

Wonderful London – In this week of Olympics we’re quite surprised to see that more haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and released related fare. This collection from the BFI actually seems quite interesting, and sees a number of works on the great city together on one disc.

Forever Marilyn – There’s an absolute wealth of releases concerning the late Marilyn Monroe this week. In addition to the above box set, which consists of Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch and How To Marry A Millionaire there’s a whole heap of titles reissued on DVD too. Amongst the latter is Bus Stop, which would have made an amazing Blu-ray. 

La Cérémonie – Claude Chabrol makes his Region B Blu-ray bow with this, perhaps the finest of his later work. 

Wild Bill – We were really impressed by Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut upon theatrical release earlier this year. A surprisingly moving and superior take on a well-worn area of British Cinema, Wild Bill is enjoyable fare. 

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