The mid-Summer Blu-ray blues are in full swing, with nary anything of note on the home video front this week. Roll on Winter! 

Disc Of The Week

This Must Be The Place – Paolo Sorrentino’s English language debut was one of our favourites of 2012, with the film’s broad humour surprising and displacing the tale expected from the premise alone (a Robert Smith-type goes on the hunt for the Nazi that affected his father during the second World War). Having only seen the film in its festival iteration we’re perturbed to hear that the regular UK release has been butchered somewhat, with a real-time performance by David Byrne of the titular Talking Heads song being cut for British tastes. It’s a shame. Our full review can be found here.

BFI Reissues and MisinforMation – A handful of Jane Arden have been given Dual-Format reissues in place of their initial Blu-ray editions. How exciting. In other news, MisinforMation sounds hugely intriguing, if not impossible to sum up in words. Have a look here at the BFI’s own description for actual details. 

Love Exposure – Shion Sono’s epic receives a belated (and apparently well deserving) Blu-ray release several months on from it’s initial DVD release. Jason Julier covered the film in great depth as a part of Eastern Premise’s a few months ago, check that out here.