Competition – Masters Of Cinema’s October Slate

Following the success of last month’s Masters Of Cinema competition (which saw a record number of entries) the venerable heroes of British home video have entrusted with us a copy of both of their upcoming releases for October.

And we’ll be damned if it isn’t a great month.

Die Nibelungen has been in the pipeline for five years now, and is one of the holy grails of Silent Film on video. It’s finally available on October 29th, in both Blu-ray and DVD editions. 

Sam Fuller’s Park Row plays out as an examination of the newspaper industry, and is also a long awaited arrival on home video in the UK. It’s available as a DVD edition on October 22nd.

It ought to go without saying that both films will feature heavily on the site in the run up to their respective releases. 

We have one copy of each film to give away (the copy of Die Nibelungen is Blu-ray).

To enter answer the following question - 

In which country was Fritz Lang born?  

Please stipulate which film you’d like. Entry is via email to adam@hopelies.com. Entries close 20th October.

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