The most divisive mainstream film of 2012 leads the pack this week, with a formidable package celebrating Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Disc Of The Week

Prometheus – To date no film from 2012 has provoked as much interesting debate as Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. From agonising disapointment to staggering revelation, Scott’s return to the world he founded with 1979’s Alien is nothing if not noteworthy. To mark the films release on home video Scott and company have pulled out all the stops, with a set offering upwards of 7 hours worth of extra content.

Furious Gods, and this sounds trite, is the sort of extra that Blu-ray was invented for. An epic three hour and forty minute-long documentary charting the whole affair, and not holding back, it’s a masterpiece in itself. To fully benefit from the complete package one must purchase the 3-disc, 3D enabled Blu-ray set, which also includes the film in 2D as well as a digital copy and a whole disc worth of extra material. Somewhat cynically the complete package of extra material is missing from the 2D-only set.

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Tetsuo/Tetsuo II and Kotoko – Three films from Japanese filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto make their way to Blu-ray, with a box-set collecting his classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man and it’s lesser sequel the highlight (Kotoko is his most recent film from 2011, and available separately). It’s a little odd that the third film in the Tetsuo series, Tetsuo: The Bullet Man isn’t included.

Tetsuo The Iron Man was the first ever Eastern Premise. Check that out here. Tetsuo: The Bullet Man was featured in Eastern Premise a while ago. Check that out here.

The Indiana Jones Collection – Harrison Ford’s most famous character makes his debut on Blu-ray with a lavish collection incorporating all four of the feature films to date. Having recently revisited the first film in the series, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, in IMAX we can quite happily vouch for the quality of the restoration, although it is ever-so-ropey in certain sections. 

Shut Up And Play The Hits – The final moments of LCD Soundsystem are captured on screen, in Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern’s documentary charting James Murphy’s outfit’s last show at Madison Square Gardens last year.

Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry – One of the great crossover-documentary success stories of 2012, Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry was one of the big breakout films of this years DocFest. 

The Prometheus Trap –  Overlooked masterpiece or cynical chancer? We’ll let you decide…