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Top Ten Of The Decade

5. 35 Rhums

4. Batman Begins

3. Miami Vice

2. Two Lovers

1. There Will Be Blood


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  1. Carl Copeland says:

    Mooching over this list Adam has got me thinking of my top ten of the decade. Will get to work on this.

    • adambatty says:

      I kook forward to reading it. As with all these types of list I almost instantaneously regret missing certain films off. Michael Mann’s Miami Vice would almost certainly feature should I compile such a list today, as would Bruno Dumont’s Flanders.

  2. Carl says:

    10. Mulholland Drive
    9. Children of Men
    8. No Country For Old Men
    7. The Diving Bell and Butterfly
    6. In The Mood for Love
    5. Far From Heaven
    4. There Will Be Blood
    3. The Lives of Others
    2. The Proposition
    1. Zodiac

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